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Always goodto snack something
hungry or not!


snack attack can happen at all times … we are prepared for the sudden hunger

  • Satay

    RM 18
    10 pieces of chicken, beef or mixed, BBQed on a skewer, served with peanut sauce, rice cubes, cucumber and onions
  • Beefy hot Nachos

    RM 14 | 22
    tortilla chips with beef-rasta-sauce and jalapeños, covered with cheese, salsa & sour cream (vegetarian version available)  SMALL I BIG
  • Nachos (vegetarian)

    RM 10 | 18
    Plain nachos chip served with sour cream and salsa dipping add baked cheese + RM 5 SMALL | BIG
  • Veggie Trio of Dips

    RM 18
    Cucumber, carrot, celery,capsicum and baby tomatoes vs hummus, beetroot hummus, yogurt garlic dip. Become duo if vegan without yogurt garlic dip (add feta cheese + RM 6)
  • Garlic Bread

    RM 8
    oven baked baguette slices with garlic butter spread
  • Bruchetta

    RM 14
    oven baked baguette topped with tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil
  • Potato wedges

    RM 6
    crunchy potato wedges with home made tatar sauce & ketchup
  • Cheesy Wedges

    RM 10
    potato wedges with melted cheese on top, served with tatar & ketchup

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