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The Kasbah selection of Sandwiches
They are not sandy at all.


Yummi Snacks served with potato wedges and homemade tatar sauce

  • Tomato 'n' Cheese Ciabatta

    RM 18
    melted cheese on a slice of juicy tomato and selected greens
  • Egg Mayo Ciabatta

    RM 14
    boiled egg mixed with mayonnaise, onions, tomato and selected greens
  • Tuna Mayo Ciabatta

    RM 18
    tuna chunks mix with mayonnaise, onions, tomato and greens
  • Vegan Special Ciabatta

    RM 18
    local delight tempeh, assorted vegetables, tomato and greens
  • Grill Cajun Chicken Ciabatta

    RM 22
    Slightly spicy marinated grilled chicken with tomato, lettuce and yoghurt garlic sauce in ciabatta
  • Falafel Wrap

    RM 18
    Another way of having falafel. Spread them wrap with hummus.­ Marry it with picked coriander and parsley leaves, pickled onion & gerkin and lettuce.
  • Pulled Beef Rendang Wrap

    RM 22
    Tender spicy pulled beef, coriander, cucumber and salad will set u free
  • Grilled Chicken Wrap

    RM 22
    marinated grilled chicken, tomato and greens

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