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Our signature dishes
phat boys and other beauties


our phat boy beef burgers come with a home made 200g patty.
all burgers get served with french fries and homemade tatar sauce

  • Phat Boy Burger

    RM 20
    basic 200g bomb with a slice of tomato, onions and selected greens inside a lovely bun
  • Phat Boy Cheese

    RM 23
    Beef Burger topped with luxuries melted cheese , pickled onion & gerkin, tomato, salad and mustard. 
  • Phat Boy Mexicano aka Vato Gordo

    RM 28
    this phat boy is covered with chilli con carne sauce and melted cheese
  • Phat Boy Mushroom & Cheese

    RM 28
    the phattest boy in the house! This bad boy comes with sauted mushrooms and a slice of cheese
  • Phat Boy Kasbah Special XXL

    RM 30
    Double trouble: two 150g beef patties topped with luxuries melted cheese, pickled onion & gerkin, tomato, salad and mustard.
  • Chicken Hawaiiana Burger

    RM 22
    Grilled chicken honey mustard with a juicy slice of pineapple, a slice of cheese, greeneries in a lovely bun
  • Veggie Burger

    RM 18
    homemade veggie patty with crunchy tempeh and greeneries

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